It is my only wish, my only desire.
So I just finished reading Heroine Addiction by Jennifer Matarese.

I kind of want to send copies to DC and Marvel like Hi, this is how you write female superheroines. This is how you separate being sexual as a personality trait and being a sex object for male readers to look at. THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD DO SHIT.

Plus Vera, our heroine, is a rockabilly fan who happens to be a plus-sized biracial* bisexual heroine. Not at all token, though. You get a genuine person who you could legitimately meet on the street as a heroine. WHAT A CONCEPT.

*Half-Mexican, half-white. Like me. I won’t lie, it endeared me to her pretty quickly!

So if the DC reboot has pissed you off, and especially if you’re a female comics book fan tired of being shafted over and over again? You should probably read it. :)

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